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"You have helped a hell of a lot more people than you have hurt.”

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☆★☆ Happy birthday Euclase! ☆★☆

I hope you enjoy this image of Castiel communing with a cetacean. ♥

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You could be some kind of freak.

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entelecheia — in the philosophy of Aristotle, the condition of a thing whose essence is fully realized [x]

Okay but if this is an angel—if their halos are an unflawed and fully realized circle, that means that in falling—in becoming demonic, the circle is broken. The demon’s horns are the vestigial halo. It’s a constant symbol and reminder of their imperfection or incompleteness. 


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The oldest question of the universe.

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Skull in a salt lake

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“Women have always been healers. They were the unlicensed doctors and anatomists. They were abortionists, nurses and counselors. They were the pharmacists, cultivating healing herbs, and exchanging the secrets of their uses. They were midwives, traveling from home to home and village to village. For centuries women were doctors without degrees, barred from books and lectures, learning from each other, and passing on experience from neighbor to neighbor and mother to daughter. They were called “wise women” by the people, witches or charlatans by the authorities. Medicine is part of our heritage as women, our history, our birthright.” Barbara Ehrenreich & Deirdre English, “Witches, Midwives and Nurses: A History of Women” (via cyclicaltangents)

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sam & dean ± quotes

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