This is my favorite kind of Destiel art. Like, when it includes Sam, it’s 5308645869483785% better. Cause who even wants Destiel if Sam’s not a part of it?

this is so precious! uwu

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This beautiful fresco adorns the exterior of the La Bibliotèque De La Cité (Library of the City) in Lyon, France.

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spnedit: Castiel

'Cause the angels – they don't care. I think maybe they just don't have the equipment to care. Seems like when they try, it just… breaks them apart.

[red version]

w e l c o m e   t o   n i g h t   v a l e

What a temporary perfection we can find in this passing world. Everything good, ever done, everything good that was done today; and all the good people doing it. And back, and back, and forward, and forward. All that beauty within a universe unraveling. Be proud of your place in the cosmos. It is small, and yet it is. How unlikely! How fantastic! And stupid.
And excellent.

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Too sleepy to keep his eyes open. He’s such a morning fox! 

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who are you?

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“Each person is responsible to himself, being a star, to travel in his own orbit, composed of his own elements, to shine with his own light, with the colour proper to his own nature, to revolve and to rush with his own inherent motion and to maintain his own relation with his own galaxy in its own place in the Universe. His existence is his sole and sufficient justification for his own matter and manner.” Aleister Crowley (via sacredpsynapse)

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Two men dancing, Harlem, 1920s.

According to George Chauncey’s eponymous Gay New York, the Harlem Renaissance of the ’20s provided an opportunity for gay men to create their own social and cultural spaces within the burgeoning nightlife in the neighborhood. 

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